Sunday, December 21, 2014



At Micar21 Ltd, we are helping usher in the new era of personalized medicine by enabling a fundamental change in healthcare with customized treatments and data-driven insights tailored to the individual.

At the heart of personalized medicine, DNA sequencing technology is advancing at an even more rapid pace than the cell phone revolution. By decreasing cost and increasing speed for the analysis of whole genome sequence (WGS) data, our technology platform makes it easier to discover links between DNA sequence variations and human diseases.

In particular, we bring to ordinary people advanced information obtained by high-end technology. Based on a DNA test, we can provide significant information – at a high level of confidence – about how an identified mutation alters protein structure and functions, whether it is disease-causing and whether existing drugs, if any, can influence a certain mutation.

All this information can be highly helpful for any physician in choosing an accurate corresponding treatment. Even more, if no approved treatment exists, we can propose an experimental one to physicians.

Each our client will receive a personal project.

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